Available Rooms

Room Rental Terms of Agreements

The Fellowship Hall exists for the body of Christ to gather and as an extension of our ministry into the community. The use of this facility should be in harmony with our purpose and practice as followers of Jesus Christ.

We are pleased to offer its use to groups of our community.

The United Methodist Church (including district and conference meetings), shall have the privilege of  

using the church buildings and equipment, per Board of Trustee’s approval.

Public service-oriented organizations, whose purposes are in accordance with the Social Principles

of the DISCIPLINE, may use the Fellowship Hall on a reoccurring or non-reoccurring basis, per

Board of Trustee‘s approval.

Persons or groups using the facility will be liable for any damage resulting from their use.

Funerals will take precedence over all other scheduled activities.


All windows and doors will be locked upon leaving.  Thermostats should not be touched.  All lights must be turned off.

All chairs and tables used must be put away (or left where you found them).

All tables/countertops must have a protective coverings when being used for any type of project and

will be removed by renter at the end of the event.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any part of the church premises.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings at any time.

Evening meetings and receptions should conclude by 11:00 pm weeknights and midnight on

Friday and Saturday.

Only rooms that have been rented may be used.

Rental does not include the use of the dishwasher, oven, or kitchen dishes or utensils.

All refrigerators must be emptied of your items after use.

No pets allowed.

Cancellations less than two weeks from scheduled date will result in forfeit of reservation fee.

Please note that funerals take precedence over all scheduled activities.  If a funeral conflicts with your event other arrangements will have to be made.  Your rental fee will be returned if we are unable to accommodate your event.

Please make checks payable to:  FAITH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

Emergency Phone Numbers: Primary contact ~ Carla Rellinger, Board of Trustees: (989)-465-6181


By renting a room from the church  you are certifying that you were made aware of all general rules and responsibilities.

This rental agreement is made subject to the rules and regulations of the Faith United Methodist Church                      Policies and Usage Schedule.  You have received a packet of this information.

The contact person must be present at all times and assumes responsibility for all damage and liability.

You must not exceed the maximum occupancy of any room rented. 

Failure to abide by the church policy and usage schedule may be grounds for cancellation of use of church facilities.