Faithful Food Distribution

Updated: Mar 8

All morning long I (Pastor Scott) have been humming hymns during our food distribution made possible thanks to the Eastern Food Bank of MI. As I recently told an organist at the church my brain is wired to seek music, so sometimes that means I must provide it.

Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?

Will you go where you don't know and never be the same?

Will you let my love be shown? Will you let my name be known,

will you let my life be grown in you and you in me?”- The Summons

Cars and trucks were lined up around the block, each one getting boxes of food placed into a trunk or truck bed. It truly was great to see so many members of our congregation at Faith as well as the seasoned volunteers who help religiously all show up for this important work. As we edge closer to Lent I’m reminded of a sacrificial love meant to help guide our lives, one we are to seek to mimic as a living sacrifice to our God. And on a day like today I saw this love alive and well.

“I the Lord of wind and flame I will tend the poor and lame I will set a feast for them My hand will save Finest bread I will provide 'Til their hearts be satisfied I will give my life to them Whom shall I send?…..

While I don’t have an exact number of how many we served today (we get the #’s mailed to us later), I do know that the need is great and it has only grow. So many of our neighbors are hurting right now. Love seems distant, hope seems lost, but we have something to say about it, and it is good news. As Lent approaches may everyday be lived with the grace and over pouring mercy of food distribution. May our community grow in love and mutual connection until we all see Christ in each other. And may we all answer the call to serve each other and God in affection and hope.

“Here I am, Lord Is it I, Lord? I have heard You calling in the night I will go, Lord If You lead me I will hold Your people in my heart”-Here I am Lord
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