Pastor’s Corner.010 New Beginnings

Many of you may have heard on Sunday about our reappointment to Coldwater United Methodist Church as of July 1, 2022. Our appointment system within the Methodist Church is a time-honored tradition; one of trust and discernment that has yoked many clergy and clergy families to it’s call. In fact our appointment system harkens back to horse and buggy days when the Methodist Episcopal church would have all clergy in a conference gather at an annual meeting to receive their appointment from the Bishop. Imagine packing all your belongings, strapping them to your horse and then making the days long trek to see where you would be going next. Truly our system of reappointment has improved (we get a phone call now) but its also in some ways as hard as it has ever been, saying goodbye always is. While we wish we would have had more time with all of you, we trust that the clergy appointed to Faith will do great things with you, and that God will continue to walk alongside this congregation. Give them the same love and grace as you did my family and this church will thrive. We’re excited to see how this church grows after we leave and grateful for how we have grown in the time we shared together. The work of the Spirit is evident here and we are pleased to be a part of Faith UMC’s rich history.

Over the coming months we will have more time to say goodbye, more moments to share and conversations to be had. This truly is a time of new beginnings for all of us. New beginnings can be hard for some and easier for others. So let’s be easy with each other, let’s hold space for something new as we remember what was, and as always may God walk with us down this path.

With deep appreciation and love,

Pastor Scott, Meagan and Leopold Marsh

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